Jungle and Falls … Moconá has many more charms than the Moconá Waterfalls. Moconá is the gateway to the Yabotí Jungle, where nature enthusiasts will be able to feel the aromas, colors and textures of the virgin jungle; to visit the original Guarani villages, where you will be in contact with the legendary culture and mythological Guarani worldview; to be amazed by the incredibly beauty jumps and waterfalls “hidden” in the pure state jungle; and much more.

The excursions of Puro Moconá Lodge & Tours give us unforgettable and unique experiences, which will allow us to know the history and culture of Guaraní indians, discover the flora and fauna of the Paranaense jungle, and surprise us with the numerous jumps and waterfalls that embellish Moconá.
We have 4×4 vehicle tours, kayak tours, trekking and birdwatching, to really know all that Moconá has to offer.
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From the floating dock, kayaking allows you to explore as much as you want the Uruguay River and several streams, and appreciate the exclusive view of the town from the river, and the El Soberbio river mouth, whose “beauty pride” inspired the name of the town.
You can relax and enjoy the magnificence of nature from a different perspective. While kayaking you can observe the local fauna and flora, taking baths in the warm river and get incredible photographs.

We provide information on possible routes you can take. If this is the first time that you are kayaking, it is included a brief training so you will enjoy this experience.
We have single and double kayaks as your choice, equipped with all safety measures (helmets, whistles and life jackets). We also have Stand Up Paddles so you can navigate standing.

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From our concrete pier, guests can easily access the river with their boats or jet skis, and embark passengers comfortably from the floating dock.
Also, in our floating dock, unique in the region, you can sunbathe and enjoy delicious baths in the warm waters of the Uruguay River.



Walking our trails you will be able to identify native trees, orchids, bird watching, resting in the relax areas, and appreciate the magnificent views of the Uruguay River from the viewpoints.
You can also participate in the different events that take place in the natural anphitheatre: music festivals, live bands, Brazilian dance, sports tournaments, theatrical plays, community talks, training workshops, group yoga sessions…



– Table games
– Shuffleboard
– Voleyball court