Jungle and Falls … Moconá has many more charms than the Moconá Falls to delight us: Moconá is the gateway to the Yabotí Jungle, where nature enthusiasts will be able to feel the aromas, colors and textures of the virgin jungle; to take contact with the legendary culture and mythological Guaraní worldview; to be amazed by the jumps and waterfalls of incredible beauty “hidden” in pure state jungle enclaves; and much more.
The excursions of Puro Moconá Lodge & Tours give us unique and unforgettable experiences, which will allow us to know the Guaraní history and culture, discover the flora and fauna of the Paranaense jungle, and surprise us with the numerous jumps and waterfalls that embellish Moconá.
We have 4×4 tours, kayak tours, trekking tours, and birdwatching tours, to really know everything that Moconá has to offer us.



>>> Saltos del Moconá y el Camino de las Esencias | Moconá falls and the Path of essences

>>> Expedición 4×4 a la selva | 4×4 Jungle Expedition

>>> Golondrinas y el Roncador de la selva | Swallows and the Jungle Snorer

>>> Saltos escondidos en la selva | Hidden waterfalls in the jungle

>>> Un Salto Encantado y más | An enchanted waterfall and more

>>> Saltos e Historia guaraní | Waterfalls and Guaraní history

>>> Expedición a las Aldeas Guaraníes | Guaraní villages Expedition

>>> Conociendo El Soberbio | Knowing El Soberbio

>>> Golondrinas en la jungla | Swallows in the jungle

>>> El roncador de la selva | The jungle snorer



>>> Un lugar soberbio | A superb place



>>> Caminata por la selva | Jungle trek



>>> Birdwatching en Yabotí | Birdwatching in Yabotí Jungle



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