Puro Moconá Lodge
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Contact & Location

Prime location

We are strategically located on the river coast in the urban center of El Soberbio, the last town before entering the Yabotí Biosphere, where the Moconá Provincial Park is located.
The lodge has access by paved avenue, and is located just two hundred meters from the local bus terminal, where long-distance bus lines arrive from all over the country; and a few meters from the tourist information office, the city waterfront and shopping center.
The ideal option for those who seek relax and nature, but always being connected, since we have Wi-Fi and a cell phone signal in the whole lodge.


General Information:

Puro Moconá Lodge
Av. Corrientes 02
3364 El Soberbio, Misiones
SOUTH 27° 18´ 13.02″ WEST 54°11´ 37.32″

De 8 a 20 hs.